5+ things about Teen Darwaza Cheapest Market 2023

Teen darwaza (Famous market in ahmedabad) is a historical gateway on the east of Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad, India. It’s construction took four years to complete from 1411 to 1415.

1.History of Teen darwaza

Ahmad shah (founder of the Ahmedabad) had built teen darwaza 600 years ago. This is the longest and oldest gateway of the city. The famous king Jahangir used to traverse around Teen darwaza to watch the procession from Teen darwaza to Jama Masjid in his era.

Ahmad Shah was born as Ahmad khan in 1389. His father’s name is Muhammad Shah. He was  honoured for his bravery, skill and success as a war leader as well as for his piety and justice and he reigned over the Gujarat sultanat from 1411 until his death in 1442. He founded Ahmedabad city in 1411. His tomb is in Jama Masjid,Ahmedabad.


The gateway has three arches which led into a large enclosure, forming the outer courtyard of the palace called Maidan Shah in past, with a fountain and raised terrace in the centre. The roadway in the central opening us 17 feet wide and that each side of arch is 13 feet wide. It has highly decorated buttresses on the faces of pierse between the arches.

The height of arches is 25 feet.The terrace on the top of the gateway was formerly roof over, but in 1877 the gateway was repair, and the terrace thrown open.


  • Type: Gateway
  • Address: Near Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad.
  • Alternative names: Three gates, Tran darwaza,Triple Gateway, Tripolia Gateway.
  • Time: 9:00am to 8:00pm,whole week.
  • Bulit by: Ahmed Shah (founder of city Ahmedabad)
  • Architectural style:Indo Islamic
  • Nearest places: Bhadra fort,Srabarmati riverfront,Jama masjid,Sidi Saiyed mosque,Bhadrakali mandir,etc.
  • Other nearest Shopping places: Lal darwaza(Biggest retail/wholesale market),Dhalgarwad,Rani no Hajiro,Manek chowk,etc.
  • Legend: Years ago, there was a watchman name was khwaja siddique Kotwal.He gave sacrifice of his life for Laxmi (the goddedss of wealth)
  • After that Ahmedabad grew rich and prosperity came in the city.

There is a tomb makes for Khwaja Siddique Kotwal and Bhadrakali temple represents Laxmi. There is an Eternal lamp is burning from 600 years for legend in one of the niche of Teen Darwaza.

4.Teen darwaza as a market

The Teen Darwaza Market is a popular shopping place in Ahmedabad or famous market in ahmedabad. It sells almost everything. There is all types of material available for kids, young, and old ,Male and female.

Clothes, traditional clothes,footwear, jewellaries, furniture, Home decorative items, Utensils, everyday needs like doormats, curta-ins,washing machine cover, fridge cover, mobi-le assesaries, etc. are available. There is a facility for middle class and rich class both people with high showrooms and local vendors.you can use your bargainning skill here. Vendors give  almost half price which they tell. This is very cheapest famous market in ahmedabad.

5.Available products:

  • Clothes: Man’s wear, Children’s wear, Women’s wear, Traditional dresses,Designer Clothes etc.
  • Footwear: All kind of shoes, Slippers,Regular footwear, designer footwear for everyone. Lots of shops of footwear area called peer Mohammad Shah.
  • Bengals: Different Bengals are available for Festivals, Marraiage, Daily used Bengals etc.
  • Jewellary: Earings,Necklace,Brecelates,Rings, different artistic jewellary etc.
  • Bags: School bags, Travel Bags, Ladies purse ,Gents purse etc.
  • Daily needs:  Badsheet, curtains, doormats,washing machine cover, fridge cover,Towels,Hankies etc.
  • Decorative items: Artificial flowers, show pieces etc.
  • Kitchen tools: All type of steele and plastic utensils like plates,glasses,         cooker,bowls,jars,bottels,gas stove, lighter,mixer etc.
  • Cleaning items: Swiper,mopper,soaps, powder,Phenyle, dish wash liquid etc.
  • Food stalls: Non-veg food,Veg food,snacks,Street food like Samosa,Sandwich,pakode,panipuri,bhel,Ice-cream parlour etc.
  • preferable time to visit: It is very crowdy place.It opens whole year, you can go any time. You should avoid Summer season because of heat. 

6.Nearest places from teen darwaza to visit

Jama Masjid also known as jumah mosque. It makes by Ahmad Shah in 1424.

Jama masjid teen darwaza

Sidi Saiyed Mosque popularly known as Sidi Saiyed ni jali built by Sidi Saiyed in 1572-73.It is famous for its beautiful intricate latticework.

Manek Chawk, a bustling city square plays three different roles in a day.It is a vegetable  market in the morning, a bullion market in the afternoon and a foodies hub in the evening. It is India’s second biggest and busiest market.

Rani no Haziro also known as Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb. The area surrounding the complex is now a market of  women’s clothing,jewellary and accessories.


You can do shopping for whole family from this market in affordable price. You don’t need to go different place for buy anything and you get everything here, you enjoy our historical culture here and connects with it. This is the famous market in ahmedabad.

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