5 things you should know before visit Shah-E-Alam Dargah

Shah-E-Alam Dargah is a most popular Muslim religious place in Gujarat. The Dargah is located in Shah e Alam area in Ahmedabad.Shah e Alam’s Tomb and Mosque also known as Rasulabad dargah or  Shah e Alam no rozo .

This dargah is the Second largest dargah of Ahmedabad.This dargah is one of the most popular attractions among Muslims & non-Muslims too.

1.Bio data of Saiyed Sirajuddin mohammad (R.A.)

shah e alam dargah
  • Birthdate : 17 zilqad 817 Hijri/ 18 january 1415 AD
  • Father : Hazrat   Saiyed Burhanuddin Qutub ul Alam
  • Grand father : Hazrat Saiyed Makhdoom Jahaniyan Jahanghast
  • His Resting place : Shah e Alam’s  Roza
  • His Father’s Resting place : Qutub e Alam’s Mosque at Vatva
  • Other names : Shahenshah e Gujarat and Shah e Alam Sarkar
  • Died : 20 Jamadil akhira 880 Hijri/ 21 october 1475 AD(aged 60)

The Shah e Alam sarkar spent six days a week in solitery meditation and recieved visitors only on Fridays. This open discussions called ‘Kunuz e Muhammadi’.

2.Shah-E-Alam Roza

  • Type : Mosque and tomb
  • Style : Islamic architecture
  • Built by : Taj khan Nariali and others
  • Parts of Roza : The tomb of the saint, The Assembly Hall , The Inner Gateway , The outer Gateway , The Mosque , The tank of Ablution ,

Dargah has facility for offer namaz and make wuzu.There is separate sections for male and female. There is quran sharif also available for tilawat.

3.Structure of Roza

The tomb of the Saiyed Shah e alam is situated roughly in the centre of the east end of this dargah.It is a majestic building on a square plan with a 12-pillared mausoleum with a high dome in the centre of the roof,surrounded by double corridors with 24 small domes on top.

It archshaped entrance on all sides. The main entrance on the west having a small dome projects out from a wall.On each wall of the mausoleum, there is an entrance in the centre.

This dargah was built between 13th century and 14th century.There is a natural peace in dargah. Believers go there with high belief. They pray and make wishes. You must visit this place and feel inner peace.

4.Attractions of dargah for kids and adults

  • Food stall
  • Great Naylon pani puri stall
  • Badshah Ice cream parlour
  • Shopping centers
  • Nearest bazar Safi Manzil open in morning time
  • Nearest restaurant: F4U restaurant

5.Shah-E-Alam mela (Fair)(Urs)

The fair of dargah came once in a year.More than 500 people has come daily in the fair. Around 2-3 weeks fair celebrates every year in islamic 6th month jamdil akhira.

Muslims and non muslims came here to enjoy the fair. Whole dargah is decorates in the fair. There is arrangement of Joyrides, food courts and fun games and police for protection. 


There is no entrance ticket of dargah. You should go and enjoy the dargah as well as refresh your soul.you can visit dargah as a picnic.I assure you this picnic experience will awesome for you.

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