Law Garden in Ahmedabad famous for garden and market 2023

Law Garden in Ahmedabad is spread over an area of 10.16 acres (41,100 m2). It has landscaping and lawns, large number group benches, children playing area, small pond, fountains and 855 metres (2,805 ft) long jogging track etc.

Law Garden night market

The Law Garden Night Market, one of Ahmedabad’s most famous shopping destinations, is best known for its large variety of colourful delicacies and local handicrafts supplied at relatively competitive prices. This evening bazaar is where you can find the soul and rich art traditions of Gujarat, with stalls selling ethnic clothing from Kutch and Saurashtra, sparkly trinkets, antique jewellery, traditional wall hangings, and more.

 Some of the most popular items to purchase:

  • Gujarati women’s gagra cholis (traditional skirt and blouse) with elaborate mirror work, animal patterns, rabari designs, and applique embroidery
  • Bandhej or bandhani (tying and dyeing) textiles and sarees
  • Garments featuring banni work, a Gujarati embroidered style.
  • Handmade seashell waist belts with intricate mirror work
  • Wall hangings with embroidered designs
  • Chaniyas (traditional skirts) with elaborate decorations
  • Quilted tablecloths
  • Decorative jewellery
  • Cushion covers that are decorative
  • Handbags or jholas in vibrant colours
  • Neckpieces and bangles from the 1800s
  • Bedspreads with embroidery
  • Suits and kurtis
  • Dupattas with bandhani, lehriya, and zari embroidery
  • Angrakha dhoti (traditional Gujarati kurta and dhoti)
  • Phentu (a long cloth wrapped over one’s head)
  • Juttis (traditional embroidered footwear in vibrant colours)
  • Jeans, shirts, skirts, and palazzos are examples of Western apparel.

Shopping Suggestions:

  • Use your negotiating talents to get the greatest offers.
  • Carry cash because the stalls may not accept debit/credit cards or other digital payment methods.
  • During peak hours, the market might become busy, so keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Plan a visit during the Navaratri season if you want to enjoy the market in all its glory. Wear comfortable clothing and a decent pair of walking shoes.

Street Food to Try

   What’s the purpose of going street shopping if you don’t try some local munchies and grub? The Law Garden neighbourhood is one of Ahmedabad’s must-see street food destinations, where you can sample the culinary pleasures that Gujarat is famous for.  Sweet or savoury, snacks or quick meals, North or South Indian, it’s all here. There are also fusion food carts selling desi renditions of Italian and Chinese delights.

Eats You Must Try: Jasuben’s Pizza, Rolls, Sandwiches, Chinese and Italian Fusion Food, Ragda Pattis, Magai Paan, Uttapams, Idlis, Dabelis, Gol Gappas, Buttas, Dhoklas, Pav Bhaji, Chaats, Dosas, and Ice Cream.

Restaurants and Eateries in and around Law Garden

        The Law Garden region is home to some of the greatest restaurants and cafes in the city in addition to a large number of food booths and makeshift kiosks. Popular places to eat in Ahmedabad close to Law Garden Night Market include:

  • Snacks Swati New Zealand
  • The Café Esplendido
  • Tomato’s Handmade Cryo Lab Ice Cream
  • Dining Hall Nanjing Sasuj William John’s Pizza
  • Restaurant Sankalp
  • Jasuben’s Vintage Pizza
  • The Honest Restaurant Ambrosia
  • TandoorWorkZ

Nearby Places to Visit :

  • Parimal Garden, a kilometre away
  • Alpha one mall (4.5km)
  • Sabarmati riverfront (4 km)
  • Lalbhai Dalpathbhai Museum (3 km)
  • Bhadra Fort (3 km)
  • Teen Darwaza (3 km)
  • Vastrapur Lake (4.5 km)
  • Rani no Hajiro (4 km)
  • Kite Museum (2 km)
  • Manek Chowk (4 km)

Law Garden Entry Fees and Timings:

 Garden time is 5 am–12 pm, 2–10 pm. The Law Garden is open every day of the week. Market time is 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Although it is open in the morning, it is best to attend in the early evening because not many sellers set up their stalls in the morning. The best time to visit is between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM, when you can also visit the adjacent Happy Street. It was previously called khaugali. It is famous for Street food with amazing view.

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