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Best Cafes in Ahmedabad 2024

Best Cafes in Ahmedabad

Best Cafes in Ahmedabad

Take a lovely tour through the best cafes in Ahmedabad. We will discover the best-kept secrets for coffee lovers here. Ahmedabad has a wide variety of cafes that promise more than just a cup of coffee—they are experiences that range from modest corners to stylish hangouts. Come along with us as we explore the tasty combinations, gorgeous surroundings, and welcoming atmosphere that characterise Ahmedabad’s top 13 cafes, guaranteeing a memorable experience for locals as well as tourists looking for the ideal cup of coffee.”

Momo cafe

Momo Cafe provides a high-end dining experience. This cafe’s exquisite cheesecakes are a must-try. Ahmedabad’s top-rated cafe is noted for its gorgeous atmosphere, pleasant service, and excellent cuisine. Furthermore, the café serves a spectacular buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring Asian, Indian, and Continental cuisines.

The Dark Roast

This cafe is a coffee lover’s heaven and is one of the best in Ahmedabad. The café serves delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian fast cuisine as well as Italian dishes. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends because of the good music, tasty cuisine, active atmosphere, and amusing games.

Ristretto – Behind the Road

Ristretto, a newly developed cafe in Ahmedabad, serves delectable Mexican and Italian cuisine. If you’re looking for a place to take that special someone on a romantic date, this cafe is a good option. On a Friday night, go to this cafe for a wonderful evening with live music.


In the city, there are two locations of Cafe Mocha and Bar. It is well-known for its exquisite treats and expertly made coffee. They also serve freshly squeezed juices, sizzlers, spaghetti, pizza, and panini. If you adore coffee, come to this cafe and have a freshly crafted cup with your favourite group of people in its peaceful surroundings. On a good winter day, you can come here alone or with a group to relax outside while sipping coffee. Mocha has different branches in Bodakdev, CG Road also.

Zen cafe

Zen Cafe in Ahmedabad provides an outside dining experience, making it a must-visit venue. The cafe maintains a tranquil atmosphere for unwinding and relaxation. The cafe offers a diverse menu of delicacies from many cuisines.

Varie Tea

VarieTea is essentially a tea lounge with three locations in the city. In addition to tea, the cafe serves over 75 different types of chai. Among the few countries that send tea to the cafe are Darjeeling, China, South Africa, Assam, and Sri Lanka. Coffee, handcrafted pizza, sandwiches, pasta, paninis, and sizzlers are all available.

Turquoise Villa

Turquoise Villa is another popular cafe among teens in Ahmedabad. Traditional décor includes a chalkboard, hardwood floors, and outside seating. Yep Cafe strives to provide a high-quality dining experience. The cafe serves superb pasta, hand-rolled pizzas, and North Indian food in addition to a full-service breakfast.

The Project Cafe

The Project Cafe is one of the city’s most unique cafes, where “everything, including furnishings and cutlery, is for sale.” It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The cafe’s furnishings are inviting, with gorgeous walls, cosy corners, and a wonderful design. Visitors enjoy cocktails such as Coco Loco, Rose Dragon, and Green Garden.

Cafe De Italiano

Cafe De Italiano is a charming and comfortable eatery that serves fast food, Mexican, and Italian fare. The cafe also offers some of the best shakes and mocktails in town. The decor is attractive and trendy, and the environment is relaxing. The cafe provides an excellent experience due to its affordability and exceptional service. The cafe’s vegetarian meals are prepared with local and seasonal ingredients.

Caffix – The Tech Cafe

Caffix is a tech café that provides a unique combination of high-quality food and tech services. The cafe houses both delicious food and iPhone repairs under one roof. Here, you can have a delightful beverage or some delicious nibbles while getting your mobile device mended. Caffix is an excellent choice for a morning meal before heading out for work because of its early opening.


The first of its type in Ahmedabad, Unlocked is a fun board game cafe. It provides a nice eating experience while conversing and playing board games. It’s an excellent cafe for people who are travelling with children and wish to catch up with friends and coworkers.

Chai Shop

The Hyatt Regency’s Chai Shop is one of the city’s most upscale tea shops. The cafe serves a variety of teas imported from Darjeeling. Gujarati food are also available to enhance the experience.The cafe also serves three types of tea: full doodh or doodh kam, paani kam ya zyada, and standard or kayak.

Fresh Roast

Fresh Roast Cafe’s decor is a great blend of old and new. The cafe boasts a soothing and captivating atmosphere, perfect for indulging in delectable meals and drinks! It also has outdoor seats as well as a large food variety!

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