Shankus Water Park: Dive into Fun

Shankus Water Park located in Mehsana, near Ahmedabad. It is a colorful paradise of aquatic pleasure and excitement. Shankus provides an amazing experience for visitors of all ages, with its thrilling water slides, peaceful pools, and a variety of family-friendly activities. At this premier water park destination, immerse yourself in a world of splashes and laughs.

A well-liked vacation destination for those looking to escape the scorching heat of the city is Shanku’s Water World Resort. On the Ahmedabad-Palanpur road is a unique and captivating water park that was created by the well-known White Water Leisure Ltd. company.

The park, which occupies over 75 acres of land, offers thrilling rides that will make visitors’ hearts race. The park offers a variety of attractions against the backdrop of a lush, green setting.

Shankus Water Park Address

Shankus Water Worlds Resort is located 55 kilometres from Ahmedabad in Amipura on the Ahmedabad Mehsana Highway.

Contact Number: +91 90990 80080, +91 90990 80090

Reasons to visit Shankus water park

  • International standards for water hygiene and safety on rides.
  • created by the renowned Canadian firm, Forrec.
  • rides from Canada, the world champion in white water rafting.
  • carried out by entertainment logic, Spain, worldwide non-design and architecture of recreation areas.
  • The USA-sourced Nepture-Benson filtering systems are the gold standard.
  • Icon Global Partners Ltd., USA has designed and overseen park operations.
  • Robust internal operations staff with a wealth of domestic and worldwide expertise

Attractive Rides:

  1. Big Thunder
  2. Insano
  3. Tumble Jumble
  4. Manta & Bubba
  5. Whizzard
  6. Tsunami Bay
  7. Boombastic
  8. Spaceshot
  • Shouts of joy can be heard as people speed down the slide.
  • A thrilling ride on the water tube would make thrill-seekers uneasy.
  • Sliding down the Aqua Shuttle, one of the largest water slides, would be a pleasurable experience for riders.
  • One of the most exhilarating rides that finally makes an incredible splash is tumble and jumble.
  • Experienced water park visitors will be enthralled with the thrilling ride down the racing slide.
  • Extreme thrill-seekers would love riding the exhilarating rides that are guaranteed to elicit cheers.

Shankus Water Park Ticket Price & Timing:

  • The cost of admission to the water park for Monday to Saturday is Rs. 1000 per person
  • On Sunday, admission is Rs. 1200 per person.
  • Costumes, Locker room, food and beverages available at extra cost.
  • Costume price is Rs. 200, which includes a Rs. 100 refundable deposit.
  • The cost of a locker is Rs. 300, which also includes a Rs. 100 deposit.
  • Additionally, towels are available from Park for Rs. 150, which includes a Rs. 100 deposit.
  • The cost of the rooms varies depending on the amenities offered.
  • Every day of the week, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, the Shankus Water Park is open.

Booking Website

If you want to book online ticket or want to confirm latest price of water park, you can visit this official website:

Rules, regulations and requirements

  • Minimum Hight of rider is fix according to ride. Every ride has different requirement.
  • Eye glass must be fixed with head straps
  • Swim wear should be appropriate and made with material of Nylon or Lycra and not damage or open zip, buckle etc.
  • You must follow the guard’s signal and instructions.
  • Do not do any harmful activity during ride like stand, run, rotate or stop etc.
  • Exit the slides quickly.
  • Do not block the exit of slides.
  • Children under 6 years must have adult responsible person.
  • Toddlers must have water proof diapers.
  • No personal floatation device is allowed in wave pool.
  • Physical or mental ill or pregnant women are not allowed for rides.
  • Your purse or anything are your own responsibility to take care properly.
  • Maintain discipline and safety rules.

Dinning & Food Court

  • Delicious food from Park includes a variety of Gujarati, Rajisthani, Kathiawadi, and Punjabi meals.
  • Guests have the option of unwinding and seating at the fun and food restaurant or the cascade restaurant.
  • The snack charmer is a beautiful establishment by the pool where guests can enjoy coffee and snacks.

There are famous options near every ride:

Mandy’s Kitchen and Buddy’s Food Court

You will get Bombay and Delhi street food and refreshing cold drinks here.

Toadie’s Eatery

It serves specially for your toddler kids. It gives you hot and cold beverages both.

Shankus Resort

Shankus resort is amazing place for your great experience of family vacation. You will get awesome facilities and attractive view here. There is wedding facility is also available for your special and memorable day at amazing place. If you want to feel royal and mughal life, it is also available here. 16th century persian architectural style pools, fountains etc. If you want to know more information about resort, you can visit this official website Shankus resort.

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