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Science City in Ahmedabad: Where Learning is Fun 2024

Science city Ahmedabad

Science city Ahmedabad

Science City in Ahmedabad stands as a center of innovation and education. This sprawling complex is not just a mere tourist attraction, but a testament to human ingenuity and the boundless possibilities that science and technology offer. It is a place where the wonders of science come alive, captivating minds of all ages with its interactive exhibits, awe-inspiring demonstrations, and thought-provoking displays.

From the moment you step into Science City, you are transported into a realm where learning is an exhilarating adventure. Its diverse array of exhibits encompasses everything from astronomy to robotics, engaging visitors in a journey through the marvels of the natural world and the cutting-edge technologies that shape our future.

In this article, we’ll delve into the myriad wonders that Science City has to offer. From the iconic Aquatic Gallery to the Creative Robotic Gallery, we’ll explore the highlights that make this center a hub of scientific curiosity and exploration. So fasten your seatbelts, as we embark on an enlightening journey through Ahmedabad’s Science City, where the boundaries of knowledge are pushed and the thrill of discovery knows no bounds.

Purpose of Science City

  Gujarat is a state located in the western side of the Indian subcontinent and is considered to be one of the most progressive and prosperous Indian state of the 21st century varied reasons ranging from economic condition to social and much of it can be attributed to Narendra Modi who was the chief minister of the state before coming the prime minister of India.

 The Gujarat science City is a bold initiative by the government to popularize and promote scientific temperament among the community of Gujarat.

     The government’s desire to educate the public about science and create a scientific mindset is the only significant background narrative behind Gujarat Science City. The Gujarat science council was farmed and the complex itself came into being in May of 2001.

Latest (Recently made)Attractions:

Aquatic Gallery

Aquatic Gallery Science City Ahmedabad

This gallery gives you an amazing and unique experience of underwater. There are lots of tanks. One of the tank is special and awesome. It is 28 meter tunnel. There is around 188 varieties and 11,600 fishes in this gallery. You will get African, American and Asian fishes here. Little and cute Penguins are also here. In entry ocean themed central aquarium is awesome.

The first-floor touch pool allows you to physically touch the fish and thoroughly examine their beauty. The unique 5D theatre provides an exciting and entertaining experience. After completing the unique underwater trip, visitors can visit the aquatic themed café and enjoy a delicious dinner onboard a ship before concluding their tour at the souvenir shop and leaving with wonderful memories of the gallery.

Robotic Gallery

Robotic Gallery Science City Ahmedabad

The Robotics Gallery is a new addition to Gujarat Science City. The Robotics Gallery is created as an interactive gallery. It presents the latest developments of robotic technology across an area of more than 11000 sq.m. It provides a platform for visitors to explore the ever-advancing field of robotics.

Right at the entryway, a massive copy of the transformer robot takes your breath away. Visitors to the Gallery welcomed and greeted by a reception robot, a humanoid with social abilities, in a one-of-a-kind human-robot interaction. This humanoid robot will meet and introduce visitors to the facility. It also converses with visitors and expresses emotions such as joy, surprise, and enthusiasm. Each floor of the exhibition is dedicate to demonstrating the utility and applications of robots in many disciplines such as medicine, agriculture, space, defence, and everyday life.

A VR zone will involve visitors in the worlds of augmented and virtual reality. The journey through the gallery does not finish until you visit the Robo café, where you can eat meals prepared by robotic chefs and served by robotic waiters.The robotic gallery is a one-stop robotics destination, with over 200 robots of 79 different types and several robotic workshop kits.

Nature Park

Nature Park, Science City Ahmedabad

The Nature Park, which is intended to be the largest garden in western Ahmedabad, is the campus’s crowning achievement. Nature park contains a Mist Bamboo Tunnel, an Oxygen Park, a Butterfly Garden, a Colour Garden, a Chess and yoga space, an Open Gym, and a specifically built children’s play area spread across 20 acres. There is also a jogging track, a walking track, and an attractive maze for children.

Visitors can view several sculptures with scientific facts, such as a Mammoth, a Terror Bird, a Sabertooth Lion, and a Grounded Sloth Bear. Children are also taught about termites and honeycomb in a fun way. There is also a selfie zone where you may create everlasting memories.

Science city ahmedabad booking

Book online ticket from this official website: Science City


Amphitheatre(Open Theatre), Science City

Gujarat Science City’s Amphitheatre (Open Air Theatre) with a capacity of 1200 seats offers Science-related activities, particularly Science Popularisation.

Students and community members can blend the facts and statistics of science with the thrill, emotion, and energy of the theatre with a little creativity.

More visiting places in Science City:

VR Shooting Game, VR Medical, VR Education, Thrill Ride, VR walkthrough.

Science city ticket price 2024

Entry fee is Rs.50 for general(above 3 years age) and Rs.20 for Student (School group of atleast 10 member) are allowed to take this facility.

Entry fee

General (Above 3 yearsof age) INRSchool Group
* Per Person
Entry Ticket of Science City

Ticket for Parking

Two/Three Wheeler20
Car/Four Wheelers50
Ticket for Parking

More about ticket prices

There are two combo pack of tickets are available. 1. Rs. 349, 2. Rs. 499 to enjoy all attractions of Science City.

And There is separate ticket apart from combo pack of all attractions and rides and theatres are also avalible.

Only Online Payment is accepted. Cash is not accepted here.

If you want to know Latest Informatin and detail about ticket charges; you can visit this official website: Gujarat Science City

Science City in Ahmedabad timings:-

Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Address:

SP Ring Rd, Hebatpur, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380060, India

Which day Science city Ahmedabad Closed:

On Monday.

Old Attractions

       IMAX Theatre

The most memorable and immersive movie experience available worldwide is the IMAX experience. The IMAX theater is where daily shows are held. Equipped with the latest sound and visual technologies.

Planet Earth pavilion

The displays and activities in this section are focused on calamity management and natural disasters. In addition to more than 650 exhibits, the pavilion house serves other attractions such as coal mines. Children activity corner, and planetarium, among others. While you’re here, you can also take a ride that experiences an earthquake and view 4D movies.

Hall of space

As the name suggests, it is an exhibition with a space theme that includes various exhibits, interactive modules, and entertaining activities. From taking a simulated journey through space to watching multi screen panoramic projection, each activity will help you learn a thing or two about the wondrous universe out there.

  Energy Education Park:

The park is built around the theme of energy, both natural and manmade. It houses a range of exhibits on wind energy, solar energy, natural gas and petroleum, tidal power, and the like.

Energy Education Park is being created in Science City with financial assistance from the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES) and in collaboration with Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).
The displays at Energy Park are classified according to the five basic elements (Panchbhuta) proposed by ancient Indian philosophy.

These are the ingredients: (i) Tej (Energy from the Sun), (ii) Marut (Energy from the Wind), (iii) Ap (Energy from the Water), (iv) Kshiti (Energy from the Earth), (v) Byom (Exploration of space).


Electrodrome, the museum of electricity, is known for housing an electrifying range of displays. These exhibitions all show various ways in which electricity influences human life.


Life Science Park:

Life Science Park

This outdoor recreation area encourages the study of nature through a variety of attractions and events. The major component of the Life Science Park is: (1) River system, (2) Evolution of Life, (3) Butterfly Corner, (4) Aromatic, medicinal and Economic plants, (5) Ornamental plants, (6) Cactus, succulent and Bonsai corner and (7) Tissue culture Lab.


Hall of Science:

Hall of Science

 The Hall of Science, an interactive area featuring functional displays, is a favourite with both children and adults. Here, unlike in a typical museum, you can interact with the exhibits by pressing buttons, turning knobs, and performing experiments to learn more about the wonders of science.


Musical Fountain:

Musical fountain

The Musical Fountain at Science City attracts crowds by providing a live presentation of numerous scientific and technological phenomena like electromagnetic, hydrostatics, and hydrodynamics. It provides an amazing sight with 935 coloured lights, 113 water jets, and more than 20 various themes.


 Simulator Rides:

You can experience space travel, flying in an aerobatic plane, roller coaster rides, and much more on these thrilling rides. Everything takes place in a simulator capsule that can hold 30 people at once.

Simulator Ride

Terms and conditions –

Before purchasing entry tickets to the Aquatic and Robotics gallery or any other science City ticketed attractions, visitors must first acquire a science City entry ticket.

Children under the age of three do not need tickets.

Teacher ticket prices are based on the prices for school or college groups of students.

Rules and regulations –

Kindly read the ride instructions:

Food and beverage –

Baggage Assistance –

Come to Gujarat Science City to quench your hunger for knowledge, learn, and enjoy science through a variety of entertainment options.
Gujarat Science City – Bringing Science to the Community

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Queries You want to know answer before visit Science City.

1.Is photography allowed in science city? Yes, allowed.

2.Is food allowed in science city Ahmedabad? Not Allowed

3.Which metro station is near to Science city? Doordarshan Kendra. It’s a 17 min walk away.

4.What are the guidelines for science city? I Suggest you to plan according to your time and budget attractions that you must like to explore in Science City.

5.Why is science city famous? Science City is famous because it is a popular educational and recreational site, with a variety of exhibits and interactive experiences for visitors of all ages.

6.What attracts people to visit science city?

Most attractive reason of science city is Robotic Gallery, Aquatic Gallery, I-Max Theatre, Five-D Theatre, Earthquake Ride, and Mission to Mars Ride are all world-class attractions.

7.What is best in science city? Best attractions of Science City is Robotic Gallery, Aquatic Gallery and Nature Park.

8.Is science city worth a visit? Yes, Of course.

9.How much time required to explore science city Ahmedabad.

At least 4- 5 hours required to explore whole science city Ahmedabad.

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