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Patang Hotel Ahmedabad Price, Menu 2024

Patang Hotel Ahmedabad

Patang Hotel Ahmedabad

Patang Hotel Ahmedabad Price, menu and about amazing location information is here. It is revolving hotel which gives you whole City’s view.

Patang Hotel Ahmedabad Price

The price is depends on your dish according to menu which you decided. Around Rs.1600 including GST for dinner. There are couple package available at Rs.2600. Lunch has less price than dinner.

Unlimited Lunch

Unlimited Dinner

About Patang Hotel

The Neelkanth Patang Hotel is a well-known eatery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is a revolving restaurant on the banks of the Sabarmati River with spectacular views of the city. The restaurant, which opened in 1984, is considered to be India’s first revolving restaurant.

Neelkanth Patang’s distinctive design, inspired by theChabutaro, a traditional tower-like structure where birds are fed,’ has a strong connection to Ahmedabad’s rich heritage for the previous four decades. It revolves elegantly 221 feet above the earth on the banks of the Sabarmati River, providing a panoramic view of both ancient and new Ahmedabad. Exhibition room to show Ahmedabad’s history is available here. It is free to visit.

Recently reopened and renovated after 4 years

It is closed due to Lockdown. Now, The renowned restaurant reopened on 24th October, Tuesday following a nearly four-year refurbishment, just as the Men in Blue are in the midst of another hopeful ODI World Cup campaign.

This time, the city’s oldest commercial artery has added new attractions — a premium table on the uppermost level of the structure and a garden restaurant on the bottom level. Bollywood star Suniel Shetty launched the restored restaurant on Tuesday, coinciding with Dussehra.


  Nehru Bridge Road Ashram Road  Ellisbridge, Near ICICI Bank ATM, Ahmedabad 380009.

How to book Online

If you want to book online you can visit the official website: Neelkanth Patang Hotel. You will get Terms and condition and reservation policy also here. Read it carefully before booking.

Brief Information about Menu :-


Lemonade for Botanists shrub of lime and thyme, elderflower, fresh squeezed lemon, zest, and soda. Fruit & Grape Punch. Apricot, cranberry, lemon, elderflower cordial, grape fruit, and hibiscus sherbet.

Re- Evolve Mystery Box:

Redesign the Mystery Box Enjoy a delicious Cold Mezze Sampler with fluffy pita and khakhra, a mouthwatering combination of flavors and textures that will entice your palate.


Mohan Bhog Chaat Delicious crispy puffed makhana dipped in rich Desi ghee, mixed with exotic nuts and covered in a decadent creamy mixture with mouthwatering chaat flavors.


Mulligatawny A flavorful bowl of substantial, soul-satisfying lentils, aromatic spices, and a hint of coconut, combining harmoniously to create a comfortable and flavorful dish.


Meva Bhutte Ki Tikki with Tulsi Mirch Paneer duo A vivid beetroot chutney perfectly balances the symphony of flavors and textures. A delicious mix that takes traditional Indian food to new heights.


Uramaki Roll with Crispy Veg (JA) Wrapped in rice and seaweed, a variety of fresh veggies meets a gratifying crunch to create a delightfully textural and flavorful sushi experience.


Crystal Vegetable Dumplings (JA) are translucent pockets of perfection with a colorful vegetable variety within that perfectly balance flavor and appearance. A gastronomic treasure that each taste promises to be a delicious adventure


Romano Sunburst Pizza Savor the genuine taste of a thin-crust pizza topped with a colorful array of fresh vegetables and luscious, melting mozzarella.

International Mains:

-Sophisticated Penne with Tomato Cream Sauce Rich tomato cream sauce envelops finely tossed penne pasta in a colorful array of exotic veggies. A perfectly balanced combination of flavors and textures for a genuinely gourmet eating experience.

Asian Bowls:-

Jasmine Rice Pad Gaprao (JA) A scrumptious Asian cuisine of delicious, rustic, spicy stir-fry with holy basil sauce, topped with fluffy jasmine rice.

Indian Mains:

-Roulade, Shahi Paneer (JA) Paneer roulade topped with small lachha paratha and packed with almonds and khoya, served over makhani gravy. Makki Ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag. A delicious combination of perfectly cooked mustard greens that go well with Makki ki Roti, an unleavened cornflour roti. A classic pair bringing to your plate the rustic tastes of North India.

Dal and Rice:-

Dal-E-Patang Rich, creamy black lentils cooked in butter and aromatic spices, accompanied by steamed basmati rice and papad churi.


The Dream Hazelnut Chocolate Cream accompanied by blood orange gel, coffee ganache, and a scoop of gajar ka halwa ice cream in a quenelle.

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