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5+ things about famous Manek Chowk Ahmedabad 2023

Manek Chowk Ahmedabad Timings

Manek Chowk Ahmedabad

1.Manek chowk Ahmedabad timings (Morning 6 am to Night 2 am)

Manek Chowk Ahmedabad timings are unique. This is a multi-use place. It is used as a vegetable market(6 am to 12 pm), a Jewellery market(12 pm to 7 pm) and a street food market (7 pm to 2 am).

Manek Chowk open from morning to night but purposes are different. Manek Chowk Ahmedabad is a famous city square of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is near Bhadra Fort. Manek Chowk has historical places around it. This is a multi-use place because it is used as a Vegetable market in the morning, a Jewellery market at noon, and a Street food market at night. Manek Chowk is the second biggest jewellery market in India. Its turnover is 3 million rupees in a year. It is most famous for its food stalls at night.

2.Information about name:

Manek’s meaning in English is Ruby. Manek Chawk name come from Saint Maneknath. Maneknath was Hindu Saint of 15th century. He was lived on the banks of Sabarmati river(according present location). He helped Ahmed Shah to build Bhadra fort in 1411. Samadhi of Saint Maneknath is situated in memorial temple at Manek Chawk.

3.Manek Chawk Ahmedabad Menu and famous food :

Manek Chawk Street food is allowed till late at night. Its best dishes are Dosa, sandwiches, Ice cream, and Bhaji pav are very tasty. My personal opinion is potato rings and cheese toast sandwiche are awesome. Chinese food and panipuri are also available here. Chinese foods are good but not awesome. Moreover, Soft drinks, juices and a smoke pan are available here.

4.Top 20 dishes that you should try at Manek Chowk Ahmedabad

  1. Gathiya Jalebi
  2. Pav Bhaji
  3. Chat
  4. Fafda
  5. Chocolate Sandwich
  6. Chocolate Dosa
  7. Double Cheese Pizza
  8. Ice-Cream Sandwich
  9. Kulfi
  10. Methi Na Gota
  11. Gotala Dosa
  12. Tava Ice-Cream
  13. Ghugra Grill Sandwich
  14. Gwalior Dosa
  15. Tava Pulao
  16. Rajwadi Chas
  17. Papdi
  18. Uttapam
  19. Open Cheese Dosa
  20. Chowmein

5.Nearest Heritage Places To Visit:

Badshah no Hajiro:

The tomb of Ahmed Shah Badshah (founder of Ahmedabad) is here. It is close to Jama Mosque. Women do have no permission to enter here. And men cover their heads before entering.

Rani no Hajiro:

Rani no Hajiro also called as Tomb of Ahmed Shah’s queen or Mughalai Bibi’s tomb. There are tombs of members of royal family. Now that road is market of women clothes and accessories. Garba clothes are also available here. There are Mouth freshner(pan, Mukhwas) stalls near it. It is memory of old city and proves that Old is Gold. It is a memory of our heritage royal city. This place refresh your soul as thoughts of old all incidents of here.

Ahmedabad stock exchange building

Ahmedabad stock exchange(ASE) building is  a second oldest exchange of India. It is owned by government of India. Its logo has Swastika, it is a symbol of Hinduism. The logo represents wealth and prosperity.

Teen Darwaza:

Teen Darwaza is a famous market in Ahmedabad. This is far around 1 km from Manek Chawk. You can buy everything from here. It is a shopping place for everyone like males, females, and Kids. Clothes, Footwear, Bangles, Jewelleries, Cleaning items, Utensils, and Daily needs products are available here. This is a budget-friendly market. you can use your bargaining skills here. If you want to know more details about this place you can visit our article by clicking here. Teen Darwaza

Suresh Jewellers Manek Chowk Ahmedabad:

Suresh Jewellery Mart is very famous and oldest jewellery shop of Ahmedabad.  It is Established since 1950.


356, Chanllaole near Girish Cold Drink, Manek Chawk. 

Available Services of Suresh Jewellers:

If You want to know more details about Suresh Jewellers you can click here. Suresh Jewellers

Which BRTS stop is near to Manek Chowk?

Pankornaka is the nearest stop to Manek Chowk Ahmedabad.

Which Metro Station is near to Manek Chowk?

Shreyas Metro Station and Gheekanta Metro Station is 1 km far away from Manek Chowk.

What is the pincode of Manek?

The Pincode of Manek Chowk is 380001.

Is Manek Chowk open in morning?

It is open in morning as a vegetable market not for Street food.

Manek chowk Ahmedabad Location(address):

Manek Chawk, Khadia near Bhadra fort, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380001.

It is a Crowdy place but you will enjoy here food along with the heritage place vibe. You can do shopping(jewellery) as a memory to visit this place. It is the benefit of this multi-use place.

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