5 things about the attractive Atal Bridge of Ahmedabad 2023

Atal Bridge Timing is given here. It is available from 9 am to 9 pm.

You will know these 5 things in this article:

  • Time
  • Ticket Price
  • Flower park and Ice Cream
  • Akshar River Cruise
  • Location

Atal Bridge of Ahmedabad Inauguration:

Atal Pedestrian (foot over) bridge of Ahmedabad, Gujarat was recently made and inaugurated on 27 August 2022 by PM Narendra Modi. Further, Its name comes from our former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Its budget was ₹74 crore and time period used 4 years(2018-2022) to build.

1.Atal bridge Timing

It is available from 9 am to 9 pm.

2.Atal Bridge Ticket Prices

There is a entry ticket here. Full ticket is ₹30 for adults and half ticket is ₹ 15 for children. You can book tickets online from official website sabarmatiriverfront.Com.

Are you curious to know more about This place??

you are at the right place to know everything about this place.

It Is on the Sabarmati river and connects east and west side of riverfront. The bridge is make with Steel and cocrete by AMC.

This bridge’s name origianates from former PM Atal bihari Vajpayee(1994 to 2004). Moreover, His work to develope national highway and education is admirable. He was a great leader of India.

In this paragraph, I will give you information about the bridge’s height and design. The Bridge is 300 meter long and around 10- 13 meter wide. Atal bridge design is Inspired by kites. If you want to know about kite festival so you can visit our article Kite festival. Kite festival(Uttarayan)of Gujarat is very popular. People do competition of flying kites in this festival. In other words, kite festival is very entertaining featival for Gujaratis because Gujaratis are kite lovers.

3. Flower Park and Ice-Cream

There is an amazing flower park near the bridge. The park is amazing. you can feel relaxed and children can play here. There is a separate ticket charge to enter this park. Every year in January during winter season flower show held in this park. In the show many models made by flowers and  thousands of variety of flowers exhibition. You can buy here plants and seeds in affordable price. But the park and riverfront is very big you have to walk here. I suggest you if old people with you have not capacity to walk more so You should take wheel chair with you.

Everything is based on kite so you will get Kite Eatery here. There is a facility to sit and take ice cream. Havmor Ice cream is available in the center of bridge. Ice cream is expensive than regular price of Havmor ice cream. You will get a rented bicycle to ride near the bridge.  The bridge is made for walking only. You can’t take your vehicle here. It connects parking of East and West Bank, so you can use this nearest parking to park your vehicle.

Is night view of Atal Bridge Ahmedabad good? Yes, of course, it is Awesome!

Atal Bridge Night View

At night, the vibrant colours of the bridge increase its shining of the bridge. It looks very attractive and admirable.  It gives a feeling of the Uttarayan festival and looks like a reflection of Colorful kites. Therefore, You should not miss the night view of Atal Bridge.

Are you still confuse it is worthy to visit Atal foot over Bridge or waste of time and money??

The Answer is Absolutely it is worthy to visit this Bridge

In conclusion, I will discuss how this place is worthy to visit. Firstly, It is vey attractive bridge. Secondly, The view is awesome. Thirdly and most importantly, clean water of Sabarmati river give you natural and peaceful atmosphere. It got popularity in a whole country in less time because of unique and colourful design. In short, You should go here to refresh you mind; it is attractive and pleasant place to walk.

4.Akshar River cruise/ Sabarmati River Cruise

Sabarmati River Cruise near Atal Bridge

This Cruise dining is a new feature of this sight. You can take Lunch or Dinner on this amazing floating Ship. It was inaugurated on 2nd July 2023 and opened for public on 12th July 2023. Rs. 2,124/person for Lunch and Rs. 2360/person for dinner. This is including GST price. Below 7 years age kids are free here. You have live music to increase pleasure. It has 2 floors. 1st floor is Air Conditioned. And top side is open. You can do birthday celebration and official meetings here.

5.Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Location

Atal bridge Ahmedabad is on the Sabarmati River. It is on the Sabarmati river at Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is unique in its design because the theme is taken from the famous Kite Festival of Gujarat. Its view is awesome and pleasant. It is a good natural tourist place to visit and It is the best choice for you if you love to take photos.

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